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Top 10 Agtech Consulting/Service Companies in APAC- 2020

Technology has benefited enterprises immensely over the last decade, and the agricultural sector is not left behind. State-of-the-art technologies such as drones, predictive modelling, machine learning, IoT, and robotics are making the lives of farmers easier than ever, including those in the APAC region. Today, farmers can make data-driven decisions by leveraging high-end farm management tools to achieve sustainable yield.

In 2020, it is expected that technology will continue to advance in the agricultural domain with smart connected systems. The new-age systems will provide real-time analysis and data reporting, thereby making agricultural operations more efficient. Moreover, at a time when labor shortage continues to be a dominant challenge in the sector, the role of artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics will be of high significance. These technologies, with their improved monitoring and data collection capabilities, can aid in meeting the needs of producers as well as consumers. With such value to offer, it can be expected that there will be increased investment in these technologies. The aim is to reinvent the global food system to produce healthy food at an affordable price.

That’s not all. The agricultural sector will witness the growth of Farming as a Service (FaaS)—a term commonly used to refer to pay-per-use farming services. Interestingly, reports indicate that FaaS can hugely benefit landowners and farmers who seek to establish fixed costs and goals at a time when there is uncertainty around marketing and commodity rates.

In the wake of these emerging trends in the agricultural sector in the APAC region, Enterprise Technology Review has compiled a list of top 10 AgTech companies in APAC 2020 that features top players in delivering robust and efficient AgTech solutions and services. We hope this issue of the Enterprise Technology Review helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to achieve business goals.

We present to you Enterprise Technology Review’s “Top 10 Agtech Consulting/Service Companies in APAC- 2020.”

    Top Agtech Consulting/Service Companies in APAC

  • The company is a major distributor of fertilizers, crop protectants, seeds, and other farm supplies to the Australian agriculture industry. The company provides a wide range of crop protection products, including fumigants, fungicides, herbicides, and many more, by developing strong relationships with all the major global crop protection companies. On the other hand, dealing directly with national and international breeding companies, E.E Muir & Sons access the latest seed varieties. The company conducts assessments across Australia to ensure the most suitable seed species and varieties for animal production, vegetable and fruit production, green manure seed, and bio-fumigation. E.E Muir & Sons also specializes in providing specialty fertilizers and biostimulants for horticultural application.

  • Environment & Energy Technology (en2t, en-squared-t) offers innovative technology to resolve the issues of food and food waste, wastewater, energy, environment and economics in urban cities through sustainable vertical farming using eco-friendly food waste recycling technology that uses salt-tolerant mushroom strains. The mushroom was the ideal choice as its strains have 10,000 enzymes that decompose organics and get converted to antibiotics or other organics as natural ecosystem process. All the recycling products from the eco-friendly food waste recycling technology are simply organic such as oyster and lion’s mane mushrooms, organic fertilizer, functional bio-feed, biomass renewable energy, and plastic and styrofoam substitute material using extracellular polysaccharides of cultivated salt-tolerant mushroom strains. en2t’s innovative and game-changing technology is eco-friendly, economically beneficial, sustainable, and ultimately will impact the quality of people living in urban cities.

  • SkymatiX pioneered crop survey service in Japan by helping clients in leveraging agtech solutions at an affordable price. Unlike its competitors, SkymatiX has outstanding technologies with rich functionalities, including image analysis, artificial intelligence, spatial processing, and GIS for better and clearer images at an affordable price. Add to that a dedicated team that is resolute in delivering impressive customer service. With such capabilities, the company has the record of introducing our services in Japan’s 40 prefectures out of 47, and assigning 13 representatives all over Japan for after support.

  • Codon Genomics

    Codon Genomics

    Codon Genomics is a knowledge intensive bioinformatics company based in Malaysia that constantly strives to fuse sound experimental approaches with Next Generation Sequencing technologies and robust bioinformatics analysis in answering biological questions. Every bioinformatics product and service is supported from experimental design to custom downstream data analysis. The company is founded by a group of molecular biologists and bioinformaticians with a vision of providing comprehensive and efficient solutions to researchers specializing in molecular biology.

  • Digital Agriculture Services

    Digital Agriculture Services

    Digital Agriculture Services is a rural technology company based in Melbourne. The company was established in partnership with CSIRO, Australia’s national science and research agency, in 2017, with a mission to deliver reliable rural intelligence. The company is applying machine learning and AI to develop rural data-powered solutions that transform the way rural assets are assessed, valued and monitored.

  • MimosaTEK


    Mimosa Technology specialise in agriculture technology. The companys vision is to create an information platform to improve the lives and livelihood of farmers, by transforming farming from experienced-based into information-driven. As a Vietnamese company pioneering in application of Internet of Things for precision irrigation, MimosaTEK aspires to implement technology in every farm, helping farmers to operate sustainably and have better lives.

  • OneCrop


    OneCrop specializes in the design and manufacture of pre-emergent degradable agricultural films. The company produce a variety of film formats to suit both the Horticultural and Broadacre practices. Their films are uniquely designed to work in a variety of cropping systems across the majority of soil types and climates around the world.

  • is an Agtech startup that specializes in pasture management technology leveraging satellite imagery, weather data, and machine learning to deliver automated grazing decisions for farmers. The company, through its ingenious platform, empowers farmers to get maximum value from pastures with minimal labor and time investment. With world-first satellite pasture measurement, is a trusted partner for farmers and leading institutions. While the company is based in Australia, they serve customers across the globe with a customer-centric focus and integrated support.

  • Precision Control Australia

    Precision Control Australia

    Precision Control Australia is a Victorian based business specializing in the sales, service and support of GPS and machine control products to the agricultural and civil sector. The companys aim is to tailor a technology solution that best suits your requirements and focus on support. With over 25 years of combined industry experience in the GPS and machine control sector, Precision Control Australia are best positioned to meet your requirements both on product and support level.

  • TagIT Technologies

    TagIT Technologies

    TagIT Technologies specializes in providing innovative farming technology solutions tailored to meet an entire farm’s needs. Leveraging state-of-the-art hardware and software implementations, the company offers services such as milk monitoring systems, water meter and tank level monitoring systems, effluent systems, and weather station reporting, to name a few. With more than 130 systems live on farms throughout New Zealand, the company helps farmers, both sole operators and multi-unit businesses, to run more efficient operations. Operating since 2002, TagIT Technologies have an outstanding reputation as a business that delivers.